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 I have lived here in Parry Sound now for approximately 21 years....Enjoying this part of the area is very fulfilling for everyone alike. The scenery is breath taking and the fishing is super too!. There is a wonderful Hiking Trail and Georgian Bay is so lovely to view the sunsets in the summertime.....Every season has something to offer our local people and we welcome others all over the world to our wonderful Town of Parry Sound.

I decided to create this site just for fun. As I have been studying Web Page designing for a number of years and find it fascinating on how computers really work. Also learning how to make your own web page can be lots of fun and a challenge at times But if you have patience and persistence then you will go far!

Just the place to lets others know what I am doing in my life today. It's great to reach out to others online and give them support, or help if they need it. You never know just who you might be chatting with as I have chatted with people as far as Jamaca!

Now I am adding a Page for everyone to check out. It's called "Pat's Crocheted Crafts"...Check it out!
There are plenty more crafts to check out and if you want to put an order in feel free to do so and email me for more information.
It's fun to explore on the internet and there's alot of resources here to keep you busy.

Come visit our church here: Our Church>>NEW


Amazing Facts-God's Message Is Our Mission. Check it out here!


              Bear Hugs Therapy


   *Creating crafts for your viewing   pleasure.
  *Having fun poetry writing can be delightful too..
  *I love to go swimming with my family and friends.
  *Helping others in need is great for one's self-esteem!