Rainbow Child
Oh little child so young and fragile
be still and hear the cry you bellow
you want to hold someone you know
But don't quite feel it's right to show.
There are two big hands that surround you
And will always protect and guide anew
So if you feel a little blue
Please pray to God and he'll see you through
Hurt, alone, and even abandoned too soon
Oh where did my parent go? I swoon
I know to be strong and the power will heal
for Jesus knows his children are real
I have to learn some patience for now
and maybe soon I'll find my place, OH! WOW!
As I have to seek my pathway, I say,
or my inner child might journey astray.
Being so small in side this child
I've grown in many ways, and all-the-while
Ever searching for those loving arms,
Or maybe it's just some facial charms!
That inner child she really needs
the love of her parents that is always beating
Oh my God, and Jesus, I want to see,
that I'm where you want me to be.
Well my dear inner child, you'll surely see
That all your big sisters surround you explicitly
So never feel along anymore
Cause you're ok to explore, It's a chore!

Rainbows are great to see
All colors there are to be
But pink isn't the one seen here
So maybe that's why
There are roses to share
All those colors in our hearts
To share with those who are apart
For looking out beyond a real rainbow
You see the light that shines just right
Imagine a rainbow flower out of your garden
A beautiful flower with tremendous power
Standing tall and mighty for us to look at
Could this be a sign to giggle back?  

Living Like Children
We live in a world of plentiful thoughts
Values passed down from generations, well brought
Gently pushing our egos profound
Like kings and queens, a job not found.
Quite a job we've lived so far
Why can't we live like children today?
No scruples, just dimples, these kids display
Their lives are playful, as adults do say.
These little humans we see, individually
All mindful, and careful, please don't astray
Although they do foolish things, and miss
I guess it's just the kid dish twist.
I'll carry on learning to play this way
Gazing amongst glossy lakes so free and flowing
Looking at the sky while sorting my knowing
With a sigh, my hurts will go a floating
For god shows love in living like children
As to love like children is fun full of sun!
Innocently flying frantically about
Dodging things, they had to look-out
Playing within the flowers and trees
The bees flying around, didn't sneeze
These pixies of laughter and colours so sweet
Smiled proudly as the sun's rays hit their feet
Children see them in their dreams
As soft as silken linens, so supreme
Maybe pixies are fluffy like kittens?
Can pixies be real, or are they just good old fiction?  
Be Still & Know
Can I see the air around me, for without it I would surely die?
I can only see the colourful reflection of my particles floating in the sky
Can I hear the air around me, for without it I would surely die?
I can only experience the sound of leaves being moved from where they lie
Can I see, hear or touch the higher power around me?
I can only experience its existence in the arms of life each day as I learn how to laugh and cry
Can I know my higher power has surrounded me, for without it I would surely have died?
Yes, I can no longer doubt this truth, even though sometimes I've tried.
Sons Becoming Fathers   
Just a thought, I'll say anyway without a doubt, only to play
Mothers are proudly inclined to say, their sons are fathers Hip! Hip! Hooray!
Fathers waiting with anticipation, now a child is born, in all its creation.
Baby cries for a feeding or two. Also a cuddling, just to name a few
A tiny body so tender to the touch, we love them dearly, little burp and hiccups
Getting to play at last it's not your turn, cause diapers to be changed, oh what a burn!
This little quirk in life we have, but one, don't leave out mothers, it'll be our turn.
Joyously starting this firstly verse, hoping not to receive any curse
Bringing forth a child out of endless love, look above to see that beautiful dove
Another's glory, cherished from above, son's becoming fathers, daughters becoming mothers
Mothers-grandmas, fathers-grandpas
A circle of miracles, all souls divine
Journeys into keeping one's only prime!  

Golden Jewels
Look beyond the sparkles of the waters
That bright sun that shows and shines
This synergy of feeling going around
Oh! Look beyond that golden dot
Be still and listen far and wide
For anything will pass your thoughtful pride
Don't dwindle apart because of low tides
Just think of golden jewels deep inside
That will bring you full circle in stride.
  Nothing Told
A muddled day to put aside
Breezes, sneezes, freezing inside
Uplifting in so many ways
Nothing told, pleasantly bold.
Sitting quietly, listening to tunes,
Can't quite make it out, you know
I turn my head and shout, OH WOW
Seeing beyond my ground of sound
So fancy a figure of roomy gloom
Dancing lightly across the room
I smile and nod, to say hey dude,
How do you see your gold foretold?
  Cottage Life
Tug boats putting along the sandy shores
Clothes blowing in the summer winds
On rocky tides and twisted channels
Our sight drifts into many things
I love the sounds of loons out there
The smells of plenty in the air
As I canoe down private channels
So serene the beauty all around
To see god's creational habits I found!
Who are infinitely precious to us all?
They give us the love and knowledge out loud
To sustain a sense of self to own
And treat others alike, to blend and atone.
  Little Men
Little, little men, oh! what love,
They bring a ray of light, keep it in stride
Shine it all daylong cause it's their way of life
Some days although are hard you know
To keep little men in that ball of rays
Today's another way men can be uplifting
They make us happy in so many ways
Through ups and down and ins and out
They'll pout and pout and shout
Get out of my way! they'll truly shout
I'm trying to reach my love that way
Well this little man that stands his land
Is just a wave of sand
For when changes come, he takes his stand
And stand so grand, that man
Please to say, the little men our way,
Are so pleasant day bay day
So if you happen to cross their way
Get ready, get set, and play!!!
  Little Women
Well this is just sweet and dandy
Little women comes in handy
They'll tell you all like a great
Big piece of candy
But look out, sometime
Little women make crime
Of anything in their minds
So whether you like, or hate, or choose
Little women find time to place clues
Buy clothes, sell things, and even snooze
For they keep going, knowing and showing
That growing is a hard thing to do
I will ask you now, this time just how
Do little women ever grow up some how?
By George! They do!!!
At a growing pace, here is looking in your face
By having little women here today
We get to know their race
They have to push, and push, and push
Cause no other takes their place. 

BACK                                                                                                                 ©2007 Patricia Gooderham