To always see a rainbow of colours that’s sheer

Many patterns, shapes and types, not so queer

Blooms so fine to show, and know the way, you know!

The green-thumbed people who love to play

In the earth’s rich soils along the way

Beauty glows within a whitened sun

May the rich deep soil forever by loyal

Various seedlings that are planted and nurtured

In hopes that full growth will be truthfully noticed

The true essence of existence to cherish beneath our feet

To breath sweet-smelling aroma, isn’t that neat?

We’ll grow along our sunshine pathways that arises

Browsing at mourning glories, daffodils and irises

Those pansies and daisies are there for the view

Whatever you can imagine, in the mourning dew.

These wandering flowers that we see in our midst

Enchanting minds, it’s an elated gift!