Quiet Time

Well here is another year gone by,
Get your skates on and come outside

Skate on my man-made pond,
Ice fishing is fun to do!
Where did time go as the kids are all grown?
On their own making their life atoned
I miss my home family & friends from past
When I was younger I knew some from class
Some all grown and not at home
Others have passed to a world untold
New beginnings ready to unfold.
Can you see that golden dove?
Just beyond those thoughts above
Do you really know yourself?
Or is your soul loosing its stuff 
A bottle empty do you see, or a bottle full, can you tell
For wishing wells are full of power,
As flourishing around them are beautiful flowers
Ring your bells or ring your chimes
This is the moment of present times
Over the years we see miracles grow
For being human takes a lifetime to know.

©2007 Patricia Gooderham