My Childhood At Camp Chimo
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Memories of Camp Chimo Camp Chimo 
Well here is a start to my Childhood growing up at Camp Chimo which is located on Lake Temagami, Ontario. Below is a picture of the island viewed from the sky. On the right-Mom and Dad in the Oakville house kitchen.

 Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad really had the Camp running smoothly while putting me and my siblings to work with various jobs to do.

Camp Chimo Gang

Oh Man! what can I say about this picture. It was quiet some time ago but what a picture indeed. I think my facial expression says it all. My siblings are Gerry, Mary, Janey, & Sue. The others are our cousins and friends. Now we are all grown up and living our own life today.


This was me at the age of about 16 years old on a beautiful sunny day. There were many sunny days where one would just love to relax down at the frontside of the Camp. The building behind me was the Girls dormatory. The boys cabins were elsewhere around the site. Actually this building was only yards away from the main house which mom and dad didn't have far to yell to get me when they needed me to do some jobs.

Uncle Tim in Annabell

Uncle Tim just loved riding in Annabelle on sunny days like you see in this picture. Tim Gooderham is Bill Gooderham's brother and Tim also liked to smoke a pipe when relaxing after a busy day at the Camp.

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