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Bear Island Catholic Church

Bear Island Church

Every Sunday we would travel by boat to the Bear Island Reserve for Church. The boat rides were fun on good days, but on cloudy days, the waters were choppy, But Dad always got us there safely. I even got to ring the bell for the Church to start.




   Small Cabins
This path would go around the frontside of the island until you would reach cabin 20. Then you would have to go back to the lodge and travel past the dining hall to another pathway that would lead you around the other side of the island for the boathouse cabins, from Cabins 21-24. I would clean the cabins when the tourists were gone out for the day, Happy Campers!


 Lots of Fish

I would watch the Native Guides prepare the fish and watch them fillet one-by-one. They worked quickly as look at all the fish that had to be done. There were all kinds of fish brought in all the time.







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