Heros In Training

  You Can Be a Hero for God

Who is your hero? I don't mean a cartoon character with X-ray vision. I mean a real, live person. Whom do you admire?

Well, how would you like to be a hero like that when you grow up?

OK, let's start right now! With this book. Invite Vicki Redden into your home, and she'll tell you 12 things that will make you a hero for God. You'll read about heroes from Bible times to modern times. You'll meet all kinds of heroes: boys, girls, cats, dogs, horses-even a pig named Priscilla. And with each fundelicious story you'll discover something God wants you to learn from His heroes. By the time we're finished, you'll know just what it takes to be God's special agent.
So put on your cape. And get ready to become a hero for God!

Here's April 23,2009 Daily Devotional Message


Doctors had come and gone from the little town of Tryon, Nebraska, so no one expected Dr. Harriet McGraw to stay. After all, she was a woman. There was no electricity, no paved roads, and no other doctor for many miles. But she did stay. She took the name of the town as a challenge: to "try on." She helped everyone who needed her, regardless of whether or not they could pay.
In her first year in Tryon, she braved the worst winter they'd had in years, delivered many babies, and didn't lose a single patient. Each patient she helped became a friend, and she soon won the respect and admiration of the whole country. They knew that she could be depended on to help, no matter what.
She wasn't in it for the money, because she didn't make much. She wasn't in it for the easy hours, because she was always on call and had to take care of patients day and night. She was in it because the people needed her, and she wanted to help.
Who needs you today? There may be problems, people, or situations in your life that seem impossible to you, but with God's help you can "try on" and succeed.

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we don not lose heart. Galatians 6:9

Here's The AUTHOR -Vicki Redden

Vicki Redden

Vicki Redden is a 1996 graduate of Southern Adventist University. She and her husband, Ron, both kids at heart, have 11 nieces and nephews (at last count!), and two dogs--Molly and Alix. She keeps an eye out for God's heroes from their home in Maryland. This is her first book.

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