I give myself life to begin again, Scattered ideas shed around,
Focusing hard to express myself, & loving children I see at play
I'm walking near the waters edge, eventually traveling to the beach instead!
Feeling sources of energy that flows,
Near lakes, and beaches, playgrounds and coves.
I think & remember past lives gone today, strong synergy passed along the way
Beyond my knowledge of powerful strength, such a gift I appeal,
Having sense to see and feel, quite a connection, it's for real.
So be still and vision fields of beauty, forever existing in time in your minds,
Create a song, a chin, or chant, with family and friends, anything to plant?
All these years in numbness by chance, I glance to see the real world of life,
To share god’s light with all our might, prayers and songs, holding hands just right...
Carry on loving from day to day, as our lives we live to give God's way!